Kraken has ZCASH deposit problem

From yesterday evening i have problem with Zcash deposit to my Kraken account. I submited ticket and here is the answer from support staff:
Hi there,
Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of an issue currently affecting ZCASH funding and are working on a fix.
You will be notified once the update is live. Thanks again for your patience.
Kraken Client Engagement

Support inform me that deposit problem was solved.

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Kraken has ZCASH deposit problem again :frowning:

Keep mining directly to exchange deposit address

I think that is not so good idea - direct mining to exchange … for many reasons.

I was ironic :slight_smile:


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What is this “deposit problem” you’re experiencing? Can you provide more details? I transfer ZEC to Kraken every day (sometimes multiple times a day) and have never had any issues. I see that their support is recognizing some sort of issue but I’m not finding any details on it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

here is some answers from support. Yesterday evening was all OK again, but today morning the same issue. I send transaction from my local wallet and did not see it on Kraken account.

here is yesterday support answer:

Christian (Kraken Support)
Aug 10, 09:53 PDT
I am writing to inform you that the issues with ZCASH funding were resolved and pushed to the live server roughly 6 hours ago. Deposits should all be processed but withdrawals may take more time to clear.
Thank you for your patience. Please let me know if your specific issue requires additional attention.
Kraken Client Engagement

here is my last transaction ID which i did not see in my Kraken acc.

I made new ticket and waiting for answer from support

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I got very quick response from support, that they have problem with funding portal and needs some time to fixed it.

I must say that Kraken support works great and have quick response time.

Why allow ANY third party to hold your ZCash? The “Deposits should all be processed but withdrawls may take more time to clear” is scary to me. Why would withdrawls take more time to clear? Sounds like a liquidity issue. Liquidity issues can happen when assets are out on loan and are not available to be returned to the owner - sort of like a bank run…

Hold your own Zcash in a full Node wallet…

I think that this is not this problem…look as technical isue… but we will see in future. I have no much money on exchange wallet for now:-)

I don’t let others have the keys to my house, my car or my crypto! :wink:

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you are not using bank ?? this is the same :slight_smile: Some time bank need more time for money transfer and may had technical issue too…

sorry for my bad english

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have the same problem, what will happen to the “lost” deposits?

Hi there,

Our Zcash funding method is currently down due to a bad gateway caused by one of our partners. Our developers are currently working to fix this issue. Your funds will be available on your Kraken account once resolved. Please keep an eye on our status page for important updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Best regards,

kraken replied

found on twitter:
Kraken Exchange‏Ověřený účet @krakenfx 23 minpřed 23 minutami

Zcash funding is offline due to unexpected gateway maintenance. All funds are safe, but the maintenance could take several days to complete.
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I’ve bought some Zcash on Kraken 10 minutes ago

The problem is not the trading on kraken, but it is sending zec to and from kraken.

So all should be good for you, unless you’d want to send your freshly bought zecs to you wallet right now.

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I bought some ZCash and tried to withdraw them, it was still showing pending for an hour so I contacted kraken support… they informed me of some gateway issue and their devs are working on it. So I cancelled my withdrawal request and now that’s pending as well. Now Kraken is saying it might take several days to resolve this issue… I wish they had some sort of notification in their Deposit/Withdrawal page.