I have lost money or not?

Good afternoon. I need your help. I have brought a quantity of ZEC to Poloniex, but haven’t noticed that ZEC was “Temporarily Disabled” at the exchange. Now it is available, but coins haven’t appeared in my purse. I have lost money or not?

No, you have not… Poloniex just opened (again) up the zac Wallet again, give it 24 hours

Probably I shouldn’t work with ZEC so far. Money I still haven’t received a balance on Poloniex. :anguished:

Nothing to do with ZEC but with Poloniex.
zcash network is up and running -> tx are fast and cheap.

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Thanks, I will be better than anything to do with ZEC. :grimacing:

I never had problems with BTC, ETH and even with DCR. Probably to use ZEC was my mistake. :grimacing:

Once again, as has been stated multiple times now…the issue is not with zcash. Your issue is with Poloniex. But feel free to use whichever coin you like.

Where did you send the Zcash from? it is possible that it was returned back to original address. You need to open a support ticket from both sides of the transaction

from ://zcash.flypool.org

The experiment is recognized as unsuccessful. I don’t want to spend the time and the electric power, and then to open orders in search of coins. Everything has to be automatically. I will continue to get other coins. All thanks and good luck. :nerd_face:

ZEC mining can be fast and easy. Just don’t use Poloniex, their ZEC wallets are often dissabled with no explanation and then magically re-appear. Not good enough.

He such also was, fast and easy. Only I haven’t brought me any income. I don’t want to speculate on this subject any more, I with ZEC have finished.
How here to close a subject?

You haven’t received income because the exchange you’re using is sketchy. This is not an issue with ZEC. What is your native language? Perhaps we can translate so you’ll actually understand where the issue lies.