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If you’re interested in buying or selling Zcash please be sure to use this category. All trades or purchases are your responsibility.

Only trade with someone you trust, Zcash Company will not provide Escrow or Insurance for any trades.

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Thanks for this thread.

First trade I guess

Im interested in buying $10 per block (10 coins) preferably big batches.

Escrow through housemobile - bitlawyer (Chris Housser) · ratings & reputation at Bitrated

After the slow start, the block reward to miners will be 10 zec. The other 2.5 zec goes to the founders.

And, as long as we’re making low offers, I’ll offer $10 / zec with a view to acquiring 5000 zec.

Early investors paid 1,000,000 USD for 2,102,400 coins

or $0.476cents per coin

$1 is fair value

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I would like to buy zec coin. How can I ? Please help me :slight_smile:

You will have to wait until Zcash launches in October, then maybe you can make a deal with someone on here, or buy on an exchange

It is commonly repeated that early investors only paid 1,000,000 USD for the founder's rewards, and therefore the price is ~.50 a coin, but there is no reason to believe this is true. When companies raise money, they don’t sell 100% of their stock to the first investors, so why would the Zcash company do so? It is more likely that they sold something like 10-20% of the company for those coins. In that case, the investors could have paid as much as $5 per coin. And remember, that sale was a couple of years ago, back when things were highly uncertain. IMO, an offer for ZEC at less than $5 per coin is laughable.

It might be not wise trying to scoop ZEC as early as possible. This project is hyped and in first two months there’ll be only 300k coin mined, but in next 2 years it’ll be 5-6 millions. Zcash has same emission curve as Bitcoin, meaning a long period of hyper inflation. I remember that Monero shooted up to 0.01BTC after several months of release but during next 2 years the coin was mostly hovering around 0.001 - 0.002. This is the pattern of overly hyped projects.

I personally will wait at least half a year before considering any serious investment, that’ll be the moment when the hype is cooled and botnet mining become popular to drive the mining cost down.


good considerations. :slight_smile:

This is true however if Zcash finds its niche right out of the gates we might never see a return to early prices, this is crypto after all so nothing is really certain or guaranteed.

I’m interested in picking up Zcash from when the project goes live so get in touch if you have some to sell.

Interested in buying ASAP, please PM.

Because they said that is what they did.

Where did they say that? Citation?

Been using Bitcoin for years and I am looking to upgrade to zCash :slight_smile:

I am happy to use any trusted escrow or open bazaar etc. Thanks, please PM.

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@StolenZCash I have moved your topic to this thread. Please keep inquiries about buying or selling Zcash in the Market category or in this thread.

Woo hoo! I gotta figure out how to buy Zcash here!

I can exchang zcash vs bitcoin

Please Note: There is NO ZCASH until after Genesis on October 28th.

If you want to make pre-sale arrangements that is fine, but anyone claiming to have Zcash to sell before that date will be warned and banned if found to be trying to scam the community.


I thought that we could exchange pre-sale zcash.

There is no pre-sale Zcash, only Testnet Zcash on the Test blockchain. When the Genesis block is released all Testnet coins will be invalidated.

Please see this thread for info about Zcash: Important Links for New Users

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