I'm new to crypto currency need help from pro

Hi people, I hear so much crypto currency is going to be the next future money, but don’t know what to buy or get into. There’s some people in my area who were working in takeaways now become rich off this one called Onecoin, but when I research it’s come up as a scam, can anyone help me, or tell me Onecoin is not a scam and I’ll buy some

if you buy right now as an amateur your going to lose out a lot, unless you have some experience with crypto trading then avoid buying zec right now, your best bet is to buy some ethereum and have a play on an exchange like poloniex. If your looking for long term profit, buy pre established coins like bitcoin and hold them, in the hopes they go up in price. ZEC right now is in no position to be held (in my opinion.). If you want to make money from mining zcash then go buy a second hand computer, buy a couple of amd radeon 7950's or closer and setup a mining rig, no matter what you do its all experience within crypto's.