Getting started with Ethereum / Zcash Investments Vs Mining

Hi Everyone,

We all hold a common interest in crypto currencies, probably primarily due to Bitcoin trading, but Mining is starting to pick up since Ethereum, and now Zcash. Beware though, there are several scammers who sell overpriced mining contracts and even pyramid schemes based on Bitcoins or other crypto currencies. You should Only invest in crypto currencies if you have read a lot about it, see it having a stable future and understand the technology behind it. Once you have done all that, I believe the only two safe routes of investment are :

Buying Crypto Currencies and trading them at exchanges, or holding them if you believe in going long for larger profits.
Investing in setting up mining hardware, keeping it up and running with the latest software, generating crypto currencies through mining, and then trading, selling or holding it.

Now while the former is easier, its still largely open to financial risk. I personally chose to go with the latter, that is Mining, because I understood computers and it interested me. But for someone who is new to this, the amount of information that you need to assimilate and process is daunting. A forum like Bitcointalk is very useful in learning about crypto currencies, and is the first choice for people who develop specialized software for mining.

I've been into mining for a while, started with Ethereum in August this year post the introduction of the RX 470 cards, which is the first time mining at India's temps and electricity costs made sense.
I have already almost recovered my initial investment, and am bullish on the future of crypto currency mining.
I grew my personal setup to 1KH/s at which point I hit the electrical capacity of my current apartment. So I began building rigs for other people.
I use Bios Mods and Voltage tweaks to keep power consumption to under 100W per card while getting 25.5 Mh/s (Eth) or 170 Sol/s (Zec).
I have sold a few Rigs in India, and if you are interested in purchasing such a rig from me directly, please go to this thread for more information

The Bitcointalk marketplace is a great place to start, look around and you will find some interesting deals on hardware. If you can, get the GPUshack bundle as that removes most of the headaches associated with finding the right combination of components that work together. Even if you do not wish to invest into a new machine for mining just getting a graphics card is a sound investment (even though the market exchange rates may not tell that story today) and since a large population of people with PC's play computer games on it, you have an alternative use for the graphics card. Remember, China already holds about 70% of the worlds mining hash-power and centralization of power of any kind never resulted in anything good. Spread it out people, get mining.

I’ve started mining recently and fell into one such scam. Minergate seems really nice on the outside but they steel hashes and rip you off also you can never withdraw. I build and sell computers for a living so naturally I have inventory of parts that have been rejected or just haven’t been used and I threw a small rig together and have been mining at about 250 sol/s but have been using almost no power. You can start from with a small rig and move up like I’m doing and you will still be able to mine well just make sure your still profitable. I have delved into the world of crypto currency mining and I hope all goes well and I don’t have anything catastrophic happen in the future.