When is unpaid balance paid

Yes, it is at the threshold.
24 hours since it cleared as unpaid.
When is it paid?


Don’t know if you’re on Flypool, but for me they transfer it to my address as soon as the unpaid balance exceeds the payout threshold. You can set the threshold manually, I believe the default is 0.1 ZEC (?).

And don’t mix the ‘immature’ balance with ‘unpaid’ balance.

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You’re going to have to give more information than this.

First and foremost, who is it who is suppose to be paying you? A pool? Which pool?

Ok, so yes this is on flypool
The threshold is set to 0.0001 and that was reached 24 hours ago.
I did set the threshold manually, and it is showing in the settings.
I was doing a test with this and slush pool and sluch pool was way better, getting to the threshold and paying. This is why i am limiting my mining with flypool to the first test block.

It seems like they allow me to set my payment threshold very low and then ignore it.

nekkidtruth apologies, i thought this was the forum.zcash on flypool. Are there other pools that are relevant here?

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Also i understand the difference between immature and unpaid… 24 hours unpaid.

Well immediately off the bat I can see you’ve set your threshold (0.0001) to lower than what Flypool’s minimum is (Min: 0.001), so you won’t see any funds until it reaches that 0.001.

Flypool spceifies 0.001 ZEC as the minimum threshold, while you has set it to only 10% of this. And for every payout below 0.01 they take a fee of 0.0002ZEC.

EDIT: nekkidtruth beat me to it :slight_smile:

Sorry my mistake, I puit an extra zero.
My balance is 0.001

Can you paste the link to your miner on Flypool?


Hmm…looks correct. It might be something about how Flypool displays the balance (rounding up/down). Could you try to mine a bit more to at least make sure you’re above 0.001 ZEC?

I understand your view, but I find it hard to think there is an error in rounding, otherwise it would be costly to the pool.
Besides the main reason i want to stop is because i am getting twice the rewards on slushpool.

When i clicked over onto 0.001 I didn’t stop it immediately, i did let it go for a while.

If it says 0.001 and not 0.00099987 then they should pay out on their own rounding error… why do i have to give free mining to bad maths?

“Payment threshold in ZEC (Min: 0.001 ZEC,…”

not payment threshold is “somewhere just above …”

You’re probably correct about the rounding. But maybe the payout only trigger when you pass the threshold, not at the threshold. Don’t know for sure, but my payouts on the treshold of 0.05 are 0.05008104, 0.05007562 and so on.

Given the way crypto works and the way maths works then their system must be doing an x > threshold so i must be 0.00100000000000000

Either way, between slow rewards and having to push more for payout, doens’t make them attractive.

sent a support ticket

Why have you turned the mining off? why did you stop exactly at .001 ? It is more than likely the problem is that it is at some fraction just below .001 but the display shows .001

Do this… change your threshold to .002 or .005 or what ever… then turn your mining back on.

When you see it above .001 stop the mining, wait a few hours for unpaid to cycle through, then change your default back to .001
You will get paid all of it

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t Flypool a PPLNS pool while Slushpool is a PPS pool? You’ll have a greater return on a PPLNS pool compared to a PPS pool in the long run, but short time earnings will vary more. That may be why you have seen “better” earnings with Slushpool.

I stopped as it was a comparison. It is flypool who reduce the decimal places when you go to each /10 number. I don’t know if it was 0.001001 or less or more… they chose the dashboard (and like all pool dashboards make it less than clear).

Slush is delivering twice the results, so i am mining in the most profitable pool, why would run my miners at half income?..due to bad maths by a pool (say that out loud, due to bad maths by a pool…c’mon, pools take people with decent maths so a rounding error in their favour is hard to believe).

Half the returns between pools sounds to much of a difference. You’ll get a more variable revenue on Flypool (some times lower, some times higher), but the average over time should be more due to the payout algorithm (PPLNS vs PPS). Again, if I’m wrong on this, please correct me.