Zingo, In Your Pocket!

Dear Zcashers, would you like a zcash-only wallet that:

  • was the first (and is still the only?) wallet to support Orchard

  • syncs efficiently in SandBlast conditions

  • supports UA including

    • transparent
    • sapling
    • orchard
  • was the first wallet to implement NU5 formats

  • uses the memo field in a safe way to manage UA provenance

  • is available in English and Spanish

  • uses mobile APIs to run syncs in the background

  • is the wallet used by its own developers for critical financial operations

  • sends change to the orchard pool migrating funds away from taddrs

  • is developed by conscientious zcashers who have contributed code to

    • librustzcash
    • zcashd
    • zecwallet
    • orchard

Would you further like to help that crew build a new kind of app with broad appeal beyond the zcash community?

Do you believe that zcash technology is primed to explode into new spaces transforming commerce and consent?

Do you want to see new applications built on top of zcash that realize those potentials?

Then why don’t you try Zingo?

On an ios device (like an iPhone):

On an Android device (like a phone or tablet):


Congrats on the release of Zingo! :clap: Looking forward to all that’s in store.


Congrats on the iOS release! :raised_hands:

Also I can confirm that the app works on macOS Ventura (MacBook Air M1 2020) :sunglasses:


Thanks for this!


Nice work! Starting from <5 min ago I created a new Zingo wallet on iOS and received an orchard payment via UA. :mechanical_arm:


Congrats on ios release :tada:


Seems ywallet has supported UAs for a few weeks. Is there anything more to supporting Orchard that Zingo does that Ywallet does not?

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ywallet UA is in beta(testflight) iwo. but it has worked for few weeks yes.

For feedback on ZIngo - seems nice mostly
quite clear and easy to use - not too many buttons

a few tings dat can be improved but understand its still early version also.

tried out iOS app

  • menu texts are too small and too cramped together - maybe also add icons to text?

  • interesting to see landscape mode on phone (not sure if it needs to be there, but can be if someone uses it like dat) - but some screens like “Send” screen get cut from right wen in landscape and

  • using menu in landscape also looks bit weird - too wide iwo

Also can anyone explain de logo/icon it seems a bit too random iwo and by making a newer and bit moar professional logo wud also help quite some in future.

Othewise gud job and keep buildin and developing - from creating wallet to being able to recieve or send it was basically instant - super gud!


I love it, very nice :fire:


Congrat guys! We will be testing this wallet.

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That’s test-only. For example, the YWallet I have installed does not support UA.

Also, we had UA on Android before the YWallet test started.


Zecwallet lite was the first wallet with UA.

Sorry, I meant a novel implementation, not a wrapper around zcashd’s implementation.


Thanks for the feedback, really useful.
I’m wondering… can you tell me what is the model of your IOS device???

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zecwallet lite uses zcashd?

Ywallet beta has had a really nice UA implementation for a little while now. Yes, Zecwallet Lite or any other light wallet connects to a full node, either zebra or zcashd, via a lightwalletD server. Zcashd has an internal wallet where full UA functionality is accessed and Zecwallet Lite’s UAs are the mentioned novel wrapper as they are only partial UAs of an Orchard-only receiver. Zingo default has a full UA of Orchard-Sapling-Transparent. I havent tried the desktop versions so I dont know about current subsequent addy and account generation and receiver type functionality. Ywallet beta has a selection setting for the different receiver types.

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Zecwallet lite does not use zcashd directly. It goes through Lightwalletd, just like zingo.
Correct me if I’m wrong.
Otherwise, zecwallet lite is the first implementation of orchard and is not a wrapper around zcashd.

zecwallet lite is a lightwalletd client like zingo.

I misspoke when I referred to it as a wrapper, zecwallet-desktop (or whatever its current name is) is a wrapper around zcashd.

You might be right about this. I will double check.

Zecwallet does support Orchard, I will double check the release timeline. YWallet has Orchard support in test.

Are there any others?

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