Important: Potential Binance Delisting

I am confident, I believe that binance will remove Zcash from the list.

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thanks for keeping us up to date and all the energy that you and others have put into this.


I added a page to the Ywallet documentation about working with exchanges.


People need a convinient way to do exchange with Zcash.


XMR was 160 before it was delisted from Binance, and fell to 100 after it was delisted. Now it is back to 170+. ZEC was 34 at that time, and now it is less than 25.
If Binance delists ZEC, the price of ZEC should be lower than 10, and the price will always remain below 10 or even below 5.
I like ZEC very much, but I can only say that I am becoming more and more pessimistic.


zcash must learn from XMR

The day zcash becomes full z-2-z only chain & no dev tax

that day will be a great zcash revival


Holy Moly XMR 165+ USD lol

We need to find who is shorting and tell him to stop… everyday is same trading on binance, it looks like bots are making LH on evertime frame.
Also marketing, development and Xmr is trainding everywhere 100 x more… also all in privacy is not optional… optional ia better if Zec work with authorities. But for normal people Xmr give more privacy now like I read comments on reddit… Here need people to decide which way to move on, which is honnestly behind… also cryptomarket is speculative… nobody knows tomorrow what brings we need exotic news and some marketing for going up…

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I dont want to write long here because this space is for delisting…The biggedt manipulation is when monitoring happen and XMR deliststing.
On this events…happened same price trading with other monitoring coins one of then went x10 by now and had same trading like zcash… if Binance rebuy will bring price still 100 down from now and then with come God candle by them…
Excelent job by you I think same as you with binance manipulations…


well said lol

A dropping price means only one thing: that demand is lagging supply. Since you cannot stop supply, the only way to “tell” him or her or them, is to increase demand, i.e. to buy more Zcash. No need and no use in finding who they are.


You can put a significant portion of the block reward into a long-term sustainability fund starting in November.


The current volume of Monero emissions is 704 blocks per day for 0.6 XMR = 422.4 XMR
In dollars ± 72 000$

The current volume of Zcash emissions is 1152 blocks per day for 3.125 ZEC = 3600 ZEC
In dollars ± 83 000$

More recently, it was a two-fold gap in dollar emissions, but now it is shrinking.


We can’t find who’s shorting and stop it. Because it’s an unlimited number of people who are making money on there that they short ZEC and it’s very easy for them. Tools for shorts are available on a lot of exchanges. I counted TVL Zcash from the calculation of its average price and I got that the weighted average price was just under 100$ per ZEC. The current price is 4 times lower. Thus there are no people who are on the plus side of investing in ZEC.

All that remains is to wait for the issue to drop to a level where it will be dangerous to short due to the lack of ZEC liquidity:

  • halving (closest in November);
  • transition to PoS (assuming that most PoS stakers will accumulate ZECs, not sell);
  • accumulation fund (sustainability fund).

Once the 2-3 year trend shows everyone that Zcash has stopped its decline, speculative demand will return to it. Along with this, there will be a demand to explore its benefits and this will generate natural demand. We have no other ways and there is no way to accelerate this.


Added the last paragraph. You can’t get people to buy (create demand) for an asset that keeps falling. People read our social media posts, watch videos, buy ZEC and then a year later panic sell it in deep disappointment and pour buckets of crap on content creators, developers and so on. We’re just adding to the army of Zcash haters that way.

This incidentally answers the question of why Zcash Media should have delayed the release of movies to near the halving.

That leaves only the most dedicated fans who see Zcash as a tool of freedom. I’m sure these people will be rewarded in the end if they don’t lose their heads and get out of the game too soon.


Is there someone or a group of people making sales to the point of being able to manipulate the market? This can happen?

One way comes to mind that can accelerate demand, albeit its not trivial to accomplish. Zcash needs to get listed on more major CEXs like Crypto-com, Robinhood, Public-com, or relist in places like EU or South Korea, and it needs to be available on more DEXs.

Demand remains low, in part, because access is relatively low. But to all of your points in general, I do completely agree.

Agree. It makes almost no sense at all for ZM to release content on deaf ears/ preaching to the choir (only us Zcash die-hards who are weathering the crippling bear market). ZEC ought to be trending upward, and then release the new stories about the project!

ZEC only has about 2-3 million of traded spot volume per day recently. It isn’t inconceivable that a few large crypto speculators could be in short positions/ pushing the price down.
Binance futures on ZEC trade 10-15 million daily (4-5 times more than spot trading volume), so if there is a smoking gun it is probably there instead.


Explain Monero 178+ usd up-rise even will all the de-listing

I will tell you why extreme demand + low supply

supply & demand have everyone forgotten that or what lol


So if there is 10-15 million in volume on binance futures, wouldn’t a binance delisting inherently put a stop to this negative factor?


In a broad sense, my hunch is that a delisting would be disproportionately bad. Why?

Supposing that the 10-15 million of futures volume in recent weeks is roughly balanced as longs and shorts (we know this because ZEC-USD has been drifting around evenly/ with relatively low volatility between 22-26 dollars). If Binance were to announce a closing of the market, then the longs would have a race to the exit… whereas the shorts can afford to sit in their positions until the final day of trading. Also consider that spot ZEC-USD longs would need to sell positions (or move off exchange).

Delistings are very rarely, in my opinion never, a good thing because they decrease accessibility to a crypto asset, and they are generally perceived as a project problem/ shortcoming.

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