Important: Potential Binance Delisting

all the while everyone forgets binance itself cannot execute their own action now lol

its under the full control of US DOJ SEC CIA FBI (cz 4 month in rich prison lol)

CEX volume are off-chain means no on-chain activity with harms zec security budget of 21 mil without no tail emission

zec need more on-chain activity lol

DEX & ZSA are the only path left lol


Correct no ZEC involved, but as the far and away notional ZEC volume market by size, a lopsided exit from longs (USDT) would inevitably impact ZEC spot markets.


What about ZEC? The price of ZEC is getting lower and lower.
May I ask why you chose to be a free developer of ZEC? I am becoming more and more pessimistic about ZEC.


Its clear Binance is a threat to zcash & all privacy coins or Medium of Exchange coins

Zcash & Firo pandering with exchange address was a big mistake

Litcoin Mweb also had de-listing threats but they don’t care they are too big LOL :rofl:

and Big exchange cannot afford BTC BCH LTC de-listing they will go bankrupt LOL :rofl:

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Imagine what the community would have said if this were suggested!

Oops hit reply by accident. Still editing… Done.

As it happens the release schedule for milestone 1 goes through 2024-11-30.

I’m hoping momentum will pick up as they go along.


100%. Some things are visible only if move some far and see the full picture.

Since it’s no secret that we are fighting an almost real war for privacy, we need to strategize intelligently, using proven methods in a resource-constrained environment. Carl von Clausewitz wrote that the success and effectiveness of a strategy is largely determined by where you concentrate your forces. Place and time matter.


When is the TEX address going to be released ?


I thought that the Tex address would actually just be the current T with some more simplistic modification, I don’t believe that another address called Tex would be created.

Binance has confirmed that they plan to start generating TEX Addresses at the end of June or in July. I’ll follow up once they provide a specific date or additional information.


I sent Zec to my friends binance wallet address: my Zec was deducted, my friend didn’t receive Zec binance said Zec was reject!! I’ve sent tons of appeal messages requesting for a refund, all to no available.

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ou need to ask your friend to use his Binance account to contact customer service to resolve this issue.


zen removed the monitor tag today, zec still hasn’t removed it

Unfortunately, Binance rejected my request to remove the monitoring tag from Zcash. ZEN’s monitoring tag was lifted; however, all of its privacy features have been eliminated, which is something that Zcash is obviously not going to do. It also appears Binance did not remove the monitoring tag from Firo, despite implementing Firo’s Exchange Address in June.

I’ll follow up with Binance and see if I can obtain additional information on their decision.


The announcement came today:


oh damn, didnt see it :anguished:

The market seems happy with Enzyme (MLN) having the monitoring tag removed!


Those who believe Zcash concepts should not care what will cex(even binance) do.

Its oxymoron that with one hand we are trying to change world with zec using zkp-s and with the other hand we are following instructions of centralized exchange.

I’m not crazy and I understand that being delisted would be harmful, but it would be a temporary pain and you’ve all seen an example of that (Monero). That’s why we need to be prepared, with a wallet and dex-es.

Mission of Zcash is much greater than playing games with cex-es. I believed it in 2017, I believe it now.

if we are delisted, after a while Binance will beg us to return, but at that time we will have Zinance hahaha

C’mon we are trying to change the world, transform the internet, binance is just tiny bug, keep your heads up keep going.


@Antimatter yea you are 100% correct here :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

privacy coin and anti-privacy coin cex will never work together

Monero 168+ usd

Litecoin Mweb 74+ usd

none care to use exchange address and they don’t even care they are too big
and market has spoken

zcash can join them or stay compliant with low price and risk security


I’m hoping that Binance won’t give up on Zcash, but if that happens, I believe it could be a motivation for Zcash to discontinue the transparent T address and focus only on the Unified Address.


the value of zcash only reflects a temporary speculative moment, as there is nothing wrong with the Zcash protocol. If there is a delisting, the value may drop further, but this will only be speculation. We will overcome this challenge, we do not depend on Binance to exist. It doesn’t seem like it, but we are a strong community and we believe in the potential of Zcash. “It may rain for a whole night, but the calm will come at dawn”