Improved network bootstrapping and reliability


As of midnight on September 24, 2016, the Zcash team has finished deploying a service that helps the peer-to-peer network bootstrap itself, and assists your Zcash client in finding other peers, via DNS seeding. This change was included in the Beta 1 release, but it did not become fully functional until now.

The DNS server at returns a list of highly-available nodes, which your client will automatically attempt to connect to in order to obtain blocks. This should hopefully resolve any connection issues by not relying solely upon and make syncing easier.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you notice any issues!


is it dynamic for the future getting best node? do you suggest to remove list of connected node during last period?


Yes it is dynamic, and it shouldn't be necessary to remove anything.

Socket recv error connection reset by peer (104)

thanks daira

someone can point to a guide for best configuration both @home and on cloud regarding connection ex. maxconnection, MTU, port forwarding etc.?