Unable to connect to network

I am trying to start a client node for the first time and have been unable to connect to any peers. On this machine I am able to run Bitcoin clients fine, so connectivity isn’t an issue.

I followed the instructions on github to build and run the client exactly as shown here.

But after running for a while executing “zcash-cli getpeerinfo” returns no peers and the debug log shows no blocks are being received.

What can I try? Is the mainnet DNS seed not working? Are there peers I can try to directly connect to? Thanks.

OK, on the second try and after waiting 27 minutes my node finally connected to one peer and quickly caught up to the latest block. That is still not very well connected though and I am surprised more connections are not being created. Checking the debug log does not show anything to be wrong.

Are there any other DNS seeds to try or known publicly available nodes? Is this usual and I should just wait. Having used bitcoin for awhile this does not seem usual though…