Info request about the best ETH Rig with a large budget

Hello to everybody, I’m new here and my english is terrific, sorry in advance. So…maybe someone really kind can to advice me about how to configure the best and profitable hardwares for a Gpu’s Rig for Ethereum with a budget around 8-9.000$?

You do realize that these forums are primarily about Zcash?? Not etherum?


And so? Ignore my post and go!

it seems your manners are worse than your english

Good luck!

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It seem that it’s you to needed about lucky…maybe are you his advocate or just a sad person not able to live his life?

This is ZCash - ETH posts are not relevant to our discussion. Use google for help.

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I’m confused. Why go to a ZCash forum for help with another coin. It’s not even on the same algorithm… Try an ETH forum

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