Zcash Mining rig

Is there a place where i can get a decent mining rig? I pretty new to all of this but see good potential in several stuff so this i might give it a shot if someone of you nice people can help a brother out and help me find a place or somebody who can create a decent producing rig that would be nice. I preferably want a rig that can produce around the 850 kh/s.( this being for Zcash) Please pm me if you are the one who can help me out price range i don’t care but im not a fool as well


You can also do a search on eBay or the internet for rigs that are suited for Ethereum. Any that work for ETH will also work for ZEC just as well.

thanks for the swift response but can u explain me how it is that the hash rate of Etherium is different then the one from cash i can't really figure it out yet and another thing is i tried to search on eBay and such but can't find a good mining rig and with a good one i mean one where i can buy several from and start a small farm i want powerful enough ones the ones i find are more a loosing investment then a progressing one maybe you can give me answers on these questions?$

For a comparison of ETH vs ZEC hashrates for GPU check out https://whattomine.com/coins they have a calculator. I don't know where anyone sells rigs in bulk, its a special order item, each one is a little different.

thanks man i really appreciate ! :slight_smile: