New 10 x P104-100 Mining rig

Just got a new 10 x P104-100 mining rig from Currently doing around ~400MH/s single mining ETH.

I am interested in mining some ZCash. What kind of hashrate are folks getting with Nvidia P104 cards? Is it optimal to mine ZCash or Ethereum? :thinking:

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People get 15000 Sol with +/- 400 watts. So Zcash is gonna get hard to make some money with that rig. But why not just try it and share the results with us what you get with that rig on Zcash. Results should include the OC and the powerdraw on the wall. Curious about that :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with @chucky732 that this post is suspicious and looks more like an advertisement. :neutral_face:


Me too, but still curious

I am getting around 4800 - 4900 sol/s at 1400W. It seems like the P104-100 isn’t that great at mining ZCash… :thinking:

May be there are some things I can tweak to increase the ZCash hashrate?

You could try lower the power and then raise the core.
Your cards now perform like a 1070 card, don’t know on what OS the rig is, but there should be some room for improvement, but not a lot.

Zcash and GPU mining is not so a good match anymore. But atm there is still decent mining possible, in a month the world will look way different, so get those coins while you can :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate. So are you suggesting that I should stick with mining Ethereum for now? It seems like that’s what Nvidia cards (P104 specifically) is good at.

ZCash is dominated by ASICs these days?

Jeps, GPU is stil doable, but is declining more and more since more Asics are on the network.
So Zcash is done for GPU in about a month, maybe 2.
You could stick to ETH, or you could mine some shitcoins and hope they will go up in value.
Still options enough, but nowadays as a miner, it’s more and more important to learn about the coins you mine and then make a gamble if it will pay out in the future.

Easy money coins like Zec and ETH will be done some day, for that day, you will need a plan, if you now allready archieve some kind of mining flexibilty, you will be ready when that day comes :wink:


Should probably stick with Eth…

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Yeah, this is what I decided on as well. I am gonna stick with mining ETH for now.

It looks like that’s what P104-100 is really good at. 40MH/s @ 130W per card mining ETH is good performance.

I’m also thinking about getting some P102-100 cards as well (50MH/s) :slight_smile: