Innovating ZCG

I think you are making a mistake here by quoting “Zcash Wallet Community Developer”.
The only wallets authored were the ECC Reference wallet forked as NightHawk 1.0 and and Secant, now known as Zashi, and ZcashLightClientKit know as ECC iOS SDK. They only support Zcash and didn’t use any grant money since I was part as ECC.

I assume you are referring to another person. Please clarify this.

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How much do you think it costs to run a project like Zashi ?


Well - thanks for implying that I am running a scam (with a slight grin). It doesn’t seem that you have done much research since what you said about ywallet (among other things) is factually incorrect.
I am saving myself some time by adding you to my ignore list :slight_smile: