Inquiry Regarding sending addresses

Hello I am new in Zcash and I have Zcash Wallet Q-T and I want to send Zcash to the Z address protected but there are no options.
Only there are receipt options

can you post a link as to what wallet you are using? I am not really finding anything via google on Zcash wallet Q-T

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From the official website these pictures show that there is no option for Z Address.

Hi @kaaled

ZcashQT does support sending to and from Private Z addresses.

You can see the addresses you have in the Receive tab. Once you have ZEC in any address (T or Z) they will appear in the Send tab so you can send from them. You are not seeing anything in the Send tab because you have no ZEC in the wallet to send from.

You have to add funds to the wallet before you can send.


thank you very much.

Hey ya, im not sure if you have used wallets before, but you will not see your coins in the wallet untill you buy or send some to a recieve address in the wallet.

They might not show up right away depending on the wallet. Some wallets have to download each block of the blockchain and verify each and every one. As it does this, when it gets to your block(the one you sent money with), it will add your amount to your wallet, and continue syncing the chain.

This can take days with some wallets and coins. When the wallet is fully synced, you should see all the coins in your wallet that you have sent to it. From there you should be able to send to T and Z addresses.

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