How to send money to wallet


I’ve installed own zcashd and I have default wallet:
./src/zcash-cli getwalletinfo
“walletversion”: 60000,
“balance”: 0.00000000,
“unconfirmed_balance”: 0.00000000,
“immature_balance”: 0.00000000,
“txcount”: 0,
“keypoololdest”: 1565220095,
“keypoolsize”: 101,
“paytxfee”: 0.00000000,
“seedfp”: “e443c3ff4b5a4fb71e6b36dd409ff4ae5608d15c7a3648e9fb49290c09c4d700”

balance is 0. How to send money to this wallet?

To received Zcash you have to generate a address to receive funds, then send funds to that address.

Please see the user documentation for instructions: User Guide — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation

Which type of address I have to generate?
t address or zaddr?
Which function I should use: z_getnewaddress or getnewaddress ?

Depends on where you are getting the Zcash from. If it’s from a user, check to see if they can send to a Z-address. If it’s from an exchange they likely can only send to a T-address.

I want to send BTCZ from one t1 address to another. I have here my address with 2 btcz:
But I noticed that t1 address is not associated with wallet only with account. Am I right ?

BTCZ is not related to Zcash, you will need to ask for support on thier forums.

Ok, I’m sorry, thanks

No apology needed! I’m going to close this thread and the others since they’re off-topic, but you’re welcome to stick around and chat with us in other threads :slight_smile: