Installation options - choose where to install

Hi there,

I think that a lot of windows users might have the same problem = HD space.
If you could make an option during installation to choose where the program will be installed and where the data, it would be extremely helpful.

Instead of C:\Program Files\zcash4win to be able to choose D:, F:\ whatever
and MOST important
to be able to change
_%AppData%\Zcash and %LocalAppData%\ etc from _
C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Zcash\blocks to any drive/location we choose. e.g D:\coins\zcash

Users with small SSD drive usually have windows and a few programs on C and keep other stuff on D or other drives.
I know it can be done with symlinks but it would be better to have the option to choose.

Sorry if I ask too much, but I think it would be easy for you to implement it.

Thanks for listening

yes, this is on the list of things to add

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the main reason I haven’t done it yet is not that adding support to the gui itself is going to be very difficult, it is doing it during the installer phase that is a royal pain. I may switch to a different “installer builder” than the one I am using to make it easier to implement, tho (I am not married to the one I am using, especially as it is so difficult to work with…but it is the one that is supported out of the box by the Java tools from Oracle to build an installer with a bundled JVM).

Which one is that? WIX3? (WixUI_InstallDir Dialog Set)
Is there an .conf or .xml file

Is there a way for us to help you?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to run zcash4win since I’m out of HD space, if that is not solved :frowning:

there are several different, unique to them, xml or related, similar config files. Or as many as you want! Its infinitely flexible, build an installer that does shit any one of a billion ways!

Yeah, its a pain. I have read a bunch of docs and stackexchange and similar articles, and it is a bloodly painful mess.