Zcash4win stuck loading

Not sure if anyone else has this problem and currently I have found no solution.

When i start zcash4win it loads up into this phase and does not continue. Please help.

I am having the same issue

Bumping it up for some help please…

Bump, have not found a solution yet. Anybody else have any luck?

You’ll have better luck finding instructions in the official thread. The solution to your issue has been given numerous times. :slight_smile:

In short, you’ll need to start the daemon on it’s own and either let complete indexing or reindex fully before starting the wallet again.

Aside being a complete noob. I went through the thread previously and now I went through it again. I can say the solution is certainly there. Thank you many bunches!:astonished:

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for start deamon press windows+R tipe cmd and enter in the poped windows tipe cd (the way of you zcashd folder) and enter after that tipe set -disabledeprecation=(zcashd version) after tipe zcashd -deamon for start deamon if that not working use -reindex dont close the poped windows.
it is only an interim solution I hope to have helped you