Zcashwin windows 8.1 meltdown

zcash4win destroyed my gui on windows 8.1

Has anybody ever gotten zcash4 win to run on windows 8.1?zcashd would mangle my whole os for some reason leaving it unresponsive and eventually killing the whole gui. I'm on win 10 now and zc4w runs great, but i'd rather be on 8.1.

  • thanks for any feedback
  • In 5k+ downloads I have not heard of it doing that to ANY Windows version, as far as I know zcash4win runs fine on all 64 bit Windows versions since Win7 64.

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    must have been something else then, thanks!

    IDK, but windows 8.1 always gives people problems. Try W7 or W10.

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    yes, and if you want to run zcash on windows on a server, I run all my tests on Win2k16 and it runs great on it