Interesting to get some zcash coins, located in Sweden provides mining rigs designed for zcash coin but also works for other altcoins. If you don’t have time or knowledge Northern Miners can handle that to for you. Anyone interested? expand with another miner :slight_smile:

all setup and doing 290+sol/s doing 732w from The Wall.

now 550+sol/s.

Making zec coins now! :smiley:

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With the new claymore miner v6 the rig is doing 680+ sol/s @ 887w from wall.
Both sol/s, block reward and zec value is rising. Buy your mining rig today @

With the new miner it does 1000+ sol/s :smile:

i have seen being promoted already a lot on the forums, but each time i check, i have no idea where to find info. it’s all in half swedish, prices in kr, which is not useful at all. because of this, i have left the site again…
might be some points for improvement :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the information. I appreciate your suggestions. I will translate all to English

I have made some updates now.

better already, but i suggest to add more details, used components, images of the rig, watt usage.
i have built many of the bigger shops in my country in the past and the general experience is that products without images are not going to get sold by theirselves. good luck