Need help with choosing a miner

I have an HD7970 Powercolor OC 3GB edition and a i5-3470 and 8GB ram at 1600mHz, WHat miner should I use to have optimal Sol/s rates and best profitability? I also want to mine on a pool and mine ZCash

if platform is windows,then its zecminer
if platform is linux.then zogminer

Thanks, can zecminer run the gpu and cpu simultaneously? Yes im on windows 10

zecminer is designed for gpu’s,

just run the miner with proper parameters.

Thanks did not even know there was a new version :slight_smile: And can I ask you how do you get your funds from the miner to your own say, BTC address? All the steps to take, do you use an exchange site address?

pool>poloniex exchange(using by creating adress)>sell to btc>withdraw btc :slight_smile:

Ooh thanks, may I ask what your average zcash earnings per day are and what sol/s rate you are running at?

i get max 7.1,i’ve mined with my laptop cpu,i havent rig :frowning:

Ooh ok you planning on getting one?

yea im looking for cheap and enough effective graphic card atm

I have a R9 280X running at about 35sol/s but i do not know what earnings I can expect from it, no one has replied to me yet and i haven’t run it long enough to build up enough data, so i don’t know if it is worth it yet or not

formula: 100 Sols/s / 3.4 Million Sols/s * 1.5 Zec/block * 576 blocks / day = 0.025 Zec/day
your rate network rate block reward

keep the electric consuming in mind also

What is the benefit in trading to BTC first, rather than directly e.g. ZEC > USD?.. just thinking about transaction fees :slight_smile:

i really dont know i just transfer to btc

What’s best miner for nvidia GT760M ?