Internal IP's Connection Problem

I found a problem of internal IP’s connection today.
I setuped 3 computers to test mining. They are on local network and connect the testnet through a same public IP.
I found that they can not have connections at the same time. Sometime the One has 1 connction and the two have 0 connection. Sometime the Two have 1 connection and the One has 0 connection.
How could I do?

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I’ve filed Document that: Nodes behind the same public IP may not be able to connect independently · Issue #1416 · zcash/zcash · GitHub . This is an upstream Bitcoin issue (see Running bitcoind on >1 computer, same network , which suggests a port forwarding workaround). We probably will not be able to help further with this before launch.

I have multiple PCs mining on a basic home cable mode → router → switch with a usually static single public IP and DHCP server. No port forwarding. I seem to always have 8 connections on beta, about half of them showing on all PCs. I haven’t noticed any problem. Is there a difference between being a node and mining? Am I enabling the blockchain to be downloaded when mining?

With all my miners sharing connections, it does make me wonder if or how the router could be directing things to the right place, or if it matters.