One server connection=1 and the other connection=12

Hi all,

This is a symptom of something?

has connection value effects on mining performance?

thank you

Yes, people reporting that only public IP will get more than 1 connection. All host behind a router with inner IP will be 1 connection. @str4d, are you aware of this?

confirm public 12
nat 1

what ports needs to be forwarded?

Interesting. I have one node with a public IP that gets 35 connections, and a bunch of nodes in the same network that are behind a router and get 8 connections.
So “all” part sounds wrong.

I’ve 1 connection so it means that I’ve an internal iP, isn’t it?,

I have the same question as above…
May I know how to do for get more connections?

See Document that: Nodes behind the same public IP may not be able to connect independently · Issue #1416 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Same as Artlav: Home connection behind router with all firewall options active and no port forwarding or anything and DHCP server: always 8 connections on all PCs 5 minutes after starting. Examples: