iOS Mining Monitor/Dashboard App (CoinDash)

Hi everyone - I’m the developer of CoinDash for iOS, and we’ve recently added support for a number of popular Zcash mining pools, including: Ethermine (via, NanoPool, and DwarfPool.

More mining pools are on the way. We also support all other coins available in each of the above mining pools, including Ethereum, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Siacoin, PascalCoin, GroestleCoin, Expanse, as well as a few more mining pools that don’t yet have Zcash support.

Send me requests to support your favorite Zcash mining pool (respond here), and if they have a JSON API, I’ll look into it.

App Store: ‎CoinDash on the App Store


For all you Zcash miners, support for F2Pool has been added in the latest release of CoinDash for iOS v2.5.

App Store: ‎CoinDash on the App Store