Is it possible the anonymity Zcash through Windows?

Is it possible the anonymity Zcach through Windows? Given that TOR is not involved in the work.

My GUI wallet is a full node wallet and can hence send fully private transactions. It does also support TOR, although you must install TOR yourself and configure it in the zcash.conf file by hand.

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I have TOR and Zcash4win, but how to configure TOR in combination with Zcash4win not clear. Do you have the manual?

The directions for setting up zcash with TOR are the same on Windows as
they are on Linux, the zcash.conf file is merely in a different place (its
in the %AppData%\Zcash\ directory). I don’t know the URL for that off the
top of my head, but google should cough it up. @xyzcash do you know what
the best reference for setting that up is? I’d also love to be able to add
“activate TOR” as an option in the gui, as it just needs to add some lines
to the config file, no?

Tor 1 and Zcash 1 - Proxified Zcash

“(its in the %AppData%\Zcash\ directory)”

I would like to provide a more concise answer and improved documentation, but unfortunately I’m short on time right now and currently spending most of my free time finding some crypto to cover server fees etc., Anyhow, all the info is available if an individual is prepared to learn and/or take care to set it up right.

Have fun.

Is it possible the anonymity Zcash through Windows?

  1. Yes. See above.

  2. You can get better ‘anonymity’, privacy and security if you don’t use windows though.

N.B. radix42’s zcash4win software is certainly OK and works good (even better through Tor for anonymity!).

In terms of transaction privacy, Zcash is also fine (stand-alone) if you make use of z_addresses properly.