Is necessary to run zcashd on every mining rig?


I have around 10 mining rigs ready to mine ZCash, but Im not sure if every single mining rig have to run zcashd program?
Or if its necessary at all? I already have created t and z addresses on separated machine.

And second question - how can I backup everything about zcash especially the t and z addresses with keys etc. to be sure when I lose that machine, I will be able to recover my addresses and do not lose my coins.

Thank you!

Hi @joe2

  1. No you don’t have to run Zcashd on all your machines. Once you start up Zcashd and generate a address on one machine, that Zcash node now has the keys to that address. You can then receive funds from anyone or any pool payouts to that address.
  2. The node (machine) that you created the address on is the one you want to backup and keep safe from viruses, etc… I have an old PC that I keep off-line just for my wallet. You can run z_exportwallet function to save a copy of your wallet+keys. Then store that copy in a safe place. Keep in mind that anytime you generate a new address you will need to make a new backup.

You can see the export and import wallet commands here zcash/ at master · zcash/zcash · GitHub

Thank you for your answer.

Last question - do I have to run the Zcashd node in order to receive/withdraw coins?


Remember that with all crypto-currencys your funds are on the Blockchain you only have the keys (permission) to spend the funds that have been given to your address on the chain. The Blockchain is immutable and can’t be deleted as long as the network is healthy.

So in order to spend the funds from your address you just have to sync a wallet (that has your keys) to the chain and you can use the Zcash as you like.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you lose your keys/wallet/hard-drive/computer catches fire/house is robbed/etc… they cannot be recovered and your funds will be lost forever if you don’t have a backup somewhere.

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