Is that a problem on the testnet?

Please refer to the following transaction

I check it on
It refers to newly generated coins to my transparent address:

My wallet amount shows 2.0925 TAZ as expected
However on, the address shows a balance or 0 TAZ

The coins have been generated some 12 hours back
Is that normal?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Are you trying to spend generated coin to a transparent address? The first transaction must be to a protected / z address.

No, I am not trying to spend it. Since it is a transparent address, I expected its balance to show on the blockchain explorer, but it does not.

Sorry, I misunderstood. I just checked a more recent block and the address it paid to is also showing a zero balance. I don’t know if this should make a difference but I’m using the Tor browser in TAILS - it took a few attempts to get those pages to load…

I am using normal browsers.
Is that not strange to you?
Or is there something I am missing because all this is new to me?

Yes, that does seem like a bug to me. How to tag the explorer site admin… @str4d

Thx @Voluntary
@daira can I have your comments on this please