Is that lucrative enough to keep it running?

I have a single Geforce Gtx 1080ti and I started mining a few days ago and I started thinking if this is even lucrative like that? This is a screenshot from the Nanopool site. Can you tell anything from this?


how much do you consume? use this link to make your calculations. your screenshot doesn’t say much, at least at me.
Using only one card isn’t the best way to mine lucratively.

Ok I definetely did not write the question right what I meant to ask was if thos were good numbers with my card and if its lucrative… I pay like 8 cents (€) for 1 kwh so yeah thanks for th eanswer

Dispite whatever nonsense “calculated hash, ect” numbers a pool generates, the actual hashrate of your 1080ti is prolly around 700/sols with 200 watts added by the card. Of course this is a range… depending on how aggressive you are with your power settings. Which you should be at like 80 ish.

In short, yes. Your earnings are about .01 ZEC per day and electric is .11 for you. That is currently 5.85/day - .52 = 5.33 profit/day.

Assuming you spent 799 for the card, you will earn that back in ~150 days.

No a single card is not the ideal setup however you will pay your card off in 5-6 months if it is mining fulltime. Assuming you dont mine it halftime during days and overnight, you are prolly looking at 9-10 months.

Rough calculations:

One 1080Ti with approximately 700sol/s will make around 0.01ZEC/day with today’s difficulty. This means that you can get 4.85EUR/day with today’s price of 485EUR/ZEC.

A 1080Ti uses roughly 250W if running at stock speeds/power. That means that your electrical expenses for your card is 0.250kW x 24h x 0.08EUR/kWh = 0.48 EUR

So all in all, you can look at a gain of about 4 EUR/day if you keep it running. But that will change constantly with shifting prices and network difficulty.

So mining with 1000sol average would get me a lot more money? (because that is the average solrate when mining)

No 1080Ti will give you 1000sol/s. I have eight of them, and depending on which brand/model and overclock settings, I get from 690 to 740 sol/s. Your screenshot says that you have an average of 675.5sol/s.

The current hasrate is just a point calculation from the pool based on the amount of shares you submit. The current hashrate fluctuates, so you have to look at the average.

Hmm thats interesting because I got 0.015 ZEC today and I did not even mine 24H just 15h XD And I do now that its not the most efficient way with a singel card but i didnt even buy it to mine i actually bought it to game on but when Im asleep I cant use it so Ill mine with it.

Is that so ? My card is watercooled and running at 2100mhz?

How many sol/s does your miner say that you do? Your screenshot shows that your average (blue line in the graph) runs somewhere around 700sol/s, and the statistics clearly says 675.5sol/s average for the last 6 hours. Don’t know from where you think you are doing 1000sol/s on average. And have you done any overclocking and/or power reduction (which you definitely should do when mining)?

You mean undervolting can you describe how to do that or better what even is that

nanopool has some pretty off charting and I think it has been that way for a long time. Based on the programmer who is implementing a chart js function, you can get substantially incorrect results.

The easiest way is to use MSI Afterburner. Use it to adjust core clock speed, memory clock speed and maximum power consumption. You have to increase core speed and mem speeds incrementally and check whether your system is stable while mining. You also want to decrease max power draw to keep from wasting electricity unnescessary.

My cards show a huge variability in overclocking and underpowering potential. One of my cards can’t handle more than +100MHz core clock, while another can handle +250Mhz. I’ve set the power consumption to 80-85% on most of the cards. You just have to try, then test, then increase, then test again, until you find the sweet spot you’re looking for.

If you use the EWBF miner, put --pec in the .bat-file. That way the miner will output the power consumption and calculate sol/W, a measurement of how efficient your cards is running.

Ok ill try that thx for now and btw my card is already overclocked at 2100 mhz as said above but thx tho