My mining GTX1080TI


Equihash/Zcash 10RIG

Those numbers can't be correct.

An average 1080ti gets 465-490 Sols/s with Equihash. So a 10 card rig would net approximately 4,650-4,900 Sol/s. Therefore it would take about 204 Cards to make 100k Sols/s

Edit: looks like a 1080ti can get about 630 Sols/s with the latest miners. So it would still take 158 GPU's to make 100k Sols/s.

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1 Rig = 6 workers
Thank you

I still don't understand your math, what exactly is the point of your thread?

If this is just Spam for some service you offer then you should know that your account can be suspended for Spamming.

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even 1070 can easily get 480 1080 ti can much more...600-700 i'm sure.

Hm, not according to

But then again, that may be out of date info. Either way, even if a 1080 can make 700 Sol/s there is no way that a 10 GPU rig can make 100k Sols/s as stated by the OP.

10 Rig = 300 units GTX 1080Ti


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average for 1080ti is about 700 from what I last saw… my titan XP gets almost 700, 660-700 depending on OC

im gonna get 2 1080ti aorus I think, more cause I want them for gaming… but to mine ZEC while I dont game so I can report back on those :stuck_out_tongue:

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i read up on pci express raisers, and see that this guy had 2 1070's (not in sli) he had the one on the raiser going outside of his case (sitting on top of desktop) mining at the same time he was able to run games and video editing and mine with the other card!!

yeah I was thinking of getting more GPUs and plugging them in with risers along with my 1080ti's in sli onboard... but its such a small beautiful LianLi case... and due to the aorus taking up 3 slots, that covers up 2 of my existing 16x slots on the x99 board... could only add one anyways... mines well build another rig if i wanted more.

which now I need to figure out how to run those rx500 cards I got.. i wonder if they will run ok with the 295x2's... last time i tried that with 400 series cards, windows would not see both of the dual GPUs on the 295x2... guess ill find out today if that works

otherwise you can mix AMD and Nvidia on the same computer also... so if you game with some Nvidia GPUs and have extra slots you can add AMD cards with risers or slot them.

I have my 295x2's (two of them) running with my Titan XPascal (original, one of them)

so what i want to know is if u mine with 2 295x2 can u game on the titan xp with out cpu bottlenecking

What is the power consumption of the gtx1080?
thinking to build one test rig of 6 or 7 units with msi z170

Power Consumption All GPU s

XFX Radeon Pro Duo R9-PROD-8VRW 8GB 4096-Bit :slight_smile::blush:

I'm running 2 atm

Sweet spot is around 550 - 600 sol/s which is stock click without boost.

Stock with boost is around 650 - 700 sol/s running at 1900mhz on avg

Highest stable overclock I have achieved is 2025mhz pulling around 700-750 sol/s but I'm also pulling about 250w from the wall

Just checked my supernova dashboard to its reporting 1760 sol/s, my cards are running stock right now with boost. I doubt they're actually running that fast though.

that also really depends on your clock speed. on the 1080ti if your running at the sweet spot which is around 1500mhz its only 175w. if you overclocked it as high as possible, i can see it running around there.

He (the OP) has gotta be a troll, right? :unamused:

First, he makes a crazy claim lacking any coherent logic, nor empirical evidence to explain his preposterous claim of a super 1080ti rig on steroids. Then when people break down the number says for him, he changes the subject (without apparent reason, mind you…) by posting a newegg link for an AMD card? I know I’ve had a couple vodka tonics tonight, so did I miss something?

I feel like I just read a series of Trump tweets…


good question, heh... but they are on a MB with a G1840 CPU... i think the built in intel GPU bottlenecks that. I dont use the titan for gaming, it was a gift, so I actually got it for free... I just set it up to mine cause its a tester... and I was planning to get 1080ti's for my gaming rig as I wanted 2 for SLI and i was not about to buy a second titan... wayyy too expensive.