Is this possible?

I have an old ASUS MOBO and it has 2 PCI slots. Is it possible to get a PCI to PCIE card (1x) and then a riser 1x-16x to squeeze in 2 more GPUs? I'll have a 2nd PSU to run the 2 GPUs but I'm curious if this is actually possible

The model is P5G41 M-LE


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There are no PCI to PCIe cards so you will only be able to use 2 GPU's on this MB. It looks like you could install one GPU directly on the 16X slot but the 1X could only be supported with a USB riser. Keep in mind that some MB's don't play nice with risers so it is possible that only one of these PCIe slots could be used. You'd have to just try it.

If I understand correctly this mobo has only PCI slots and no PCIe slots?

If that is the case then no - not possible. PCI just doesn't have the bandwidth to be able to "upscale" to PCIe

Thanks for your replies! I currently have a 390X in the 16x slot and a 290 on a USB riser in the 1x slot.

I came a cross this adapter:

This is why I started this thread. I've seen a few other similar ones that are not so expensive and figured there's still a bit of potential on this MB

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I also found a similar adapter. It seems like this is possible:

Can anyone confirm please?

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