Mining for Noobs

Hi there, i got some problems with these english pages and commands, cause i absolutly dont understand anything of it :smiley: i downloaded zcash4win now to start my first experience as a miner. I got a good CPU gtx170 and a GPU i7 7700k, i think theres a way to mine ZEC on windows with a good cpu. Is there anything where i can just click on “start” and my pc starts to mine for me ? Im from germany and that makes it hard for me to understand all the english pages and supports :confused:

Zcash is now 99.9% a GPU based coin.

Use NiceHash if you want to make any profit from your CPU

if i want to start mining via GPU i need Linux i guess, right? And when i use niceHash, how does it works? What do i need to look for`?

You do not need linux to mine with a GPU at all you can mine in windows just fine but your limited to 8 cards if your sticking to one manufacture IE Nvidia or AMD… Nicehash works with an app you download from they’re website and your basically selling your hashing power to someone and in return your paid in bitcoin…

at the moment i test it. Hannibal the setup is really for noobs. I guess here i can make a bit cash by mining. Thank you very much

I would recommend this Let’s start mining article here:

the basic information from that site is okay, but the fact they have you installing “nheqminer” tells me right away that who ever set up this site doesn’t care enough to give the current proper information or to update their site.

reader beware


did you mean gtx 1070?

yes sorry and i switched gpu and cpu