It is a nightmare to exchange ZEC into Cash

HI guys.

I am from Hong Kong…

got few ZEC and want to exchange back to Cash…
I just find it is like mission impossible…

Cryptopay not accept non Europe resident to open the card anymore even verified…
Canada quadrigacx find some extreme bad feedback for withdraw which made me not dare to do so…
Coinbase… USA only.
Bithumb Korea language…
bittrex NOT support bank transfer
bitfinex NOT accept new user registration meanwhile…

who guys have a suggestion for a good company which support worldwide?

so sad…

Best Regards,
Joe :frowning:

You could always just sell the Zcash directly for cash using Craigslist to set a meetup… Or convert to BTC and use Local Bitcoin to sell locally. The best part is that there is usually a seller premium on LBC.

I should add that while I have not used LBC to sell, I definitely have used them to buy with great results.

Well I just want a simple bank transfer to my bank account…

Use Shapeshift to convert from zec to ltc or btc, transfer that to an exchange that accepts cash withdrawals to Hong Kong.

Is Kraken an option for getting a bank transfer to Hong Kong?

btw Even though it’s only for Bitcoin and Dash, I’ve done a trial Coinapult->Crypto Capital->Australian bank account withdrawal. From memory, Hong Kong is one of the many countries Crypto Capital can deal with.

not work… it blocked IP from Hong Kong…

not sure if they do business in hong kong,
but, might want to try that again later. screenshot is a pic of kraken being kraken.

Question do you have access to paypal in Hong Kong, I believe it works there, just wanted to ask to make sure.

Zcash to btc / eth / ltc then transfer to coinbase… sell… deposit funds into paypal account from coinbase

Just read your post about usa only, but it says they take funds from UK and Europe…?

Sells Not Supported
Coinbase does not currently support sells in your country. Subscribe to our blog to be notified when we add support for your country!

have confirmed both buy and sell not support :frowning:

Kraken is not blocked.

They are just overloaded with enormous added traffic last weeks.

According to twitter statement their servers will be upgraded to handle the traffic in a few days.

Make sure you dont use a proxy server when registering at kraken unless you want a lot of trouble with registering your account. Unless the ip adress matches up with the location that you claim to live on you will be required to add proof of your residence.

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also they will only allow accounts registered in your name for money transfer.

I myself have only tried this in europe. But i dont see why they wouldnt accept hong kong residents.

And as someone else mentioned, just exchange zcash into eth or btc if your “local” exchangemarket isnt trading zec.

I got another big problem… I am using
Shapeshift is failed…
not possible change ZEC to BTC. wallet is scam???

Don’t be so quick to make accusations. It’s more likely that getting Bitcoin transactions to confirm is no longer reliable.

I hope so… I have farmed half year with over 12 ZEC…
all in
try shapeshift in or website direct both failed…
just show transaction failed without reason…

you can’t move it all, you have to pay their fee

well I give up… used Zcash4win wallet and problem solved…
export private key from and import to zcash4win.

and use website direct

money exchanged into BTC OK now.

Probably I have to pay over 5% service charge to Hong Kong local loan shark kind company to exchange BTC into cash with no choice… so sad…

Beware of Jaxx. I would keep away from that app. Previously many people lost money there and no one was credited for their losses