I've Been Mining, Now What?

I have two separate Fedora PC’s running “zcashd -daemon -gen=1” successfully mining “testnet” coins. I have watched them go from immature to the balance for each instance of zcash.

Now, what is the easiest way to “combine” the two separate zcash balances?
Or, How would I have two separate mining machines update a single balance?
Or, Do I just send myself the coins between the multiple balances using transactions?
(Trying to avoid having multiple ZCoin Addresses and multiple Wallet balances…)

In the mean time, I’ll be testing transactions out by sending my newly mined coins between the two zcash balances…all in my spare time :wink:

For a side note…
To prevent over-utilization of all 4 cores on my CPU, I set “genproclimit=2”.
This seems to make mining only consume 100% of 3 cores instead of all 4 cores!
Leaving a little room for the system to breath…

The third core being fully-used is a bug tracked in #717.

I answer would like also favor por. lol

I decided to build a Cockpit based plugin for zcash-cli to help in my solo mining adventure and save my fingers from extra keystrokes when playing with zcash!

Now I can protect my coins or send coins very easily!

I was able to easily send zcash to the faucet @ zeropond and also receive zcash from the faucet at zero pond.
It was pretty cool to see the balance @ zeropond updated after a minute or two of sending some zcash!


I would totally appreciate something like this as I am completely brand new to Linux and all of the commands to protect and send confuse the crap out of me. I don’t have any BTC or anything to donate but I can definitely be a tester and report any bugs or anything found!!

Nice work @hellcat ! This a brilliant idea and a much needed improvement, does it work with sending/receiving from protected addresses?

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These type of transactions have been tested and work.
t-addr to z-addr (protecting coins, tested by protecting my own mined coins!)
z-addr to z-addr (private transfers, tested by sending funds to myself)
z-addr to t-addr (proven by sending z-addr funds to faucet.zeropond.com)

This requires “Cockpit” to work.

Get Cockpit running…(click on your distro for instructions)

The plugin was initially created using this tutorial:

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Cool, I will have to give this a try. Are you still planning on setting up a github?

If I can get it installed and working would you mind if I (or you if you are interested) put together a step by step tutorial so everyone can learn also?


It would be nice to get some private testing done before letting the entire public break it!
Let me know if your able to get Cockpit running (it does a lot of cool things)…
Then you’ll just need the latest version of the plugin files…

Yes, I’ll explain how to “install” the plugin. It’s easy…

Just curious, are you running an Ubuntu box or other distro?
(I’m running a headless Fedora Server, hence the web based cockpit ui…)

Here’s a link on installing Cockpit in Ubuntu 16.04

Hi Hellcat.
Would be also interested in testing. Got dependencies up and running.

I’ll work on getting a github repository setup and documenting how to get up and running.

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Hi Hellcat, if you want another beta tester he we are up and running on ubuntu 16

Private testing links sent out. Please let me know how it works for you.

If there are any developers on github that are willing to help out with this project, please send me a message. The project is based in html and js/jquery using the cockpit api (mainly for the zcash-cli command line calls)

The idea is to create a minimalist web based user interface to zcash-cli for solo mining and basic balance/transaction monitoring. Commonly referred to as a “wallet”. This plugin is designed only to directly interact with zcash-cli from the command line. It will not store any data. All web browser traffic is sent over SSL using Cockpit.

More information once this becomes stable and more useful.

I am working towards an “initial release” for the general public and will post a new topic when it is ready.


For those interested in testing…(for those already testing…more commits today)

Send me some play TAZ!

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