Jaxx - did I lost money?

Was mining with a pool to a wallet and didn’t realize Jaxx can change the t-wallet without notifying me which seem to be happened.
First I want to confirm I’m not insane and Jaxx really changes t-wallet on its behalf
Second, I want to understand what should I do now with the coins transfered to the old t-address? Did I lost it or there’s some way to recover it?

It’s normal lookup hierarchical deterministic wallet

You can still use the previous address

Well, looks like I shouldn’t worry too much but here’s what I see:

While there were 4 TX in total to old address and latest 2 occured about 10h ago and were confirmed.
How do I see the actual funds from all 4TX? Jaxx UI is very minimal and looks like I can do almost nothing about it…

I think it should show all transactions already maybe it needs to sync

ok, that sounds good, but is there any way to force resync? or any other tip maybe?

wow, balance just updated, thanks for your help @mista66 :slight_smile:

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