Jaxx t address funds dissappered

I understand that jaxx has changed to HD so addresses change, but the address I was mining with a t address for the last week or so and today when I started up jaxx the address where completely different, and I have not seen a change in balance either. I can still see my miners hashing for that address tho. Am I just being inpatient or did I mess something up.

Jaxx says that t address although change after a transaction can still be used so I don’t think should have an issue,the wallet is not meant or setup for mining payments so receiving lots of small payments is not recommended however after reading about jaxx I came to conclusions that should be fine to setup for rewards from pool if you only send when rewards are built up in pool wallet for some time so sending larger payments less frequently,I am new to jaxx myself and waiting for nano s to implement zcash so maybe someone with more jaxx experience can chip in here?

Yes I set the payout for the pool higher so i don’t get a lot of small transfers, how ever I still have not seen my old address show up or transfer from the old one to a new one. I’m just confused why the address would change but not let me access it anymore.

This is strange i hope someone with experience with jaxx can help out here,maybe you can ask jaxx what’s going on and update us here.

Thank you for the replays, It seems to have been an error on my end(at least I hope). at some point my local storage containing my wallets got changed and all my wallets where deleted, thankfully windows folder restore had a back up.

Would you mind sharing your windows folder restore settings, did you include the zcash data folder yourself, or was it already included? This kind of information would be useful for other Windows users. Also it means that your wallet.dat file containing your private keys are being copied by Windows into one or more rolling backup folders.

The setting’s should have been the default ones for windows 7. If you tell me how to check I will, i did not think about the consequences of a back up too, that does mean our keys are in another location. It may have also been backed up since no more than 24 hours prior I had copied the jaxx appdata folder to that computer.