Jaxx Wallet ... not anon anonymous?

I take it Jaxx is pretty un anonymous seeing as its a chrome addon ?

surely it can be seen by and linked to ip address or google account ?

But then you can transfert to your z address ...

yeh but if for example i receive payment from supernova pool into jaxx ...

You can try Cryptonator online wallet with ZEC support (including instant exchange). It is 100% anonymous and nobody will be able to track your transactions.


If you have concerns using your personal email address for signing up with it, open an account on protonmail.

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thanks dude

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its a web wallet which requires unique identifiers so no it not, its pseudonymous

Turn on VPN or Tor, register on protonmail, then sign up with protonmail address on Cryptonator and enable 2FA via GA or Telegram. Use Cryptonator via VPN or Tor only.

Still uncertain? Okey...

Turn on VPN or Tor, get 10minutes email, then sign up with that 10minutes email on Cryptonator. Confirm your email, log in and disable Smart Auth Protection which checks your User-Agent and IP on every login. Enable 2FA via GA or Telegram. Use Cryptonator via VPN or Tor only. You won't be able resetting your password if you have lost it (since you were using 10minutes email, right?) or to receive system notifications, but paranoia well worth it?

P.S. Inside your Cryptonator account you can generate as many t-addresses as you like and so you can have a unique address for each incoming transaction. Just make sure to delete addresses you don't need as the system does not allow having more than 10 deposit addresses at the same time.

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no, VPN != tor.
please stop misleading others into thinking this is otherwise.