July 30, 2021 - weekly forum update

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re well. Here is your ecosystem round-up on this Friday.

Zcash updates:

  • Need one more reason to sign up for the ECC Newsletter? Sometimes we give away prizes.
  • We’re still hiring for multiple roles here at ECC. More details and applications can be found on our careers page.
  • We are thrilled to announce our new Head of Regulatory Relations, Jessica Mila Schutzman!
  • The Zcash NU5 release schedule has been updated. Testnet activation window is set for mid- to late-August and main net activation is mid- to late-November.

Community Shoutouts: Shoutout to Zcash Africa for hosting monthly meetups accessible to everyone via Zoom, and shoutout to all of our community members sporting fresh Zcash swag from our swag shop.


  • Conducted several interviews for associate devsecops, senior devsecops, senior security eng
  • Fixed testnet-n-a-box and updated Tekton components to recent pipeline and dashboard versions
  • Published Zcash Automation, public Terraform code for automating Zcashd and Zebrad in public clouds (starting with GCP)
  • Docs:
    • Open documentation issues are now in the low teens
    • ZecWallet CLI Mac OS installer is now a binary Cask Formula
    • Incremental update to ZecWallet CLI Tutorial

Core :

  • Merged the Orchard Action circuit!
    • A colossal amount of review & optimization.
    • Added an optimization that allows for automatic combining of selectors.
  • New benchmarks for the Action circuit, more optimizations coming
  • Made the table API for lookups more robust, fixing a soundness error in the process.
  • Addressed changes to Poseidon hashes requested by auditors.


  • Android: released new version of the SDK 1.3.0-beta17
  • Completed autoshielding polish: found and corrected OBO error
  • iOS: Added network agnostic build
    • Allow testnet v. mainnet to be a variable rather than a separate build
    • Removed a lot of complexity from the build process
  • Aditya mempool streaming API modified, tested and merged (PR 358)
  • Working with Unstoppable to migrate to latest iOS sdk (PR 3066)

In the news: The United States Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs held an open hearing called “Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?”, Singapore is becoming an innovative hub for crypto companies, Google’s Neel Mehta offers a case for crypto becoming part of the establishment, and there’s great tax news for bitcoin miners. What did you see in the news lately? Share in the comments below.

Enjoy the weekend!


There’s also Zwallet - which can sync the entire ZECpages wallet on a Nokia Android CrapPhone ™ in just 2 minutes 58 seconds (all 2400 txns & 1600 notes).

It also supports viewkeys, multiple accounts, auto-shielding, displays notes, history, lots of features.

We’ve been testing it here :- Zwallet & Ywallet Testing

You can install from PlayStore here :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.hanh.zwallet

You can get code to build it from here :- GitHub - hhanh00/zwallet

I’m not the developer, I’m just a volunteer helping to test it.

If you have an Android phone please try it & post your feedback. Its insanely fast, has a nice UI & worth your time to check it out.

EDIT: Updated sync time for Version 1.0.8-2059


Big week! That Committee hearing is pretty interesting. Also I have a fax machine now (Jerry Brito quotes that wrong-about-the internet quote, its also wrong-about-fax-machines) and am ready to join the future! Fun fact: the fax machine was first patented in 1843. Sadly, however, the patent was stolen from the inventor and he died penniless because it was so incredibly advanced that nobody really had a use for it so he basically abandoned it. It didn’t take long for people’s interest to change but by then it was too late :printer: and it revolutionized the way information was sent.
Welcome Jessica! :wave:

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