June 18, 2021 - weekly forum update

Hello Zcashers,

For the next few months, these forum updates will go out every two weeks while I am on personal/ family leave. Janie will be in charge of the write-ups so please give her a warm welcome! You can expect the next one on July 2nd. If we miss any major headlines or announcements, please feel free to add those links/ updates in the comments section below.

Here are your Zcash updates:

Mark your calendars

  • 6/24 - Josh will be on a panel for Global Digital Finance talking about financial inclusion. Register here.

Community Shout outs - shout out to u/Interempty for The Apotheosis artwork, pictured below. Shout out to all the ZEC artists on reddit. Shout out to Yoditar for consistently keeping up the Zcash “en español” community. DOUBLE KUDOS to Piyush from Nighthawk Apps who contributed this PR to fix an accessibility issue on the app!


  • Resolved build timeout issues on Tekton
  • Enabled storage of all build logs into IPFS for future reference

Core - :sparkles: The team has been full steam ahead preparing NU5 to be ready for testnet. :sparkles:

  • [ZIP 216]
    • Impl on SaplingVerificationContext and redjubjub::PublicKey (link),
    • Consensus rules (link)
  • [ZIP 224]
    • Fork of the redjubjub crate that adds support for RedPallas (link)
    • Primary implementation (link)
    • zcash_note_encryption crate (common note encryption logic between Sapling and Orchard) (link, link)
  • [ZIP 225]
    • Version 5 Transaction Rust parser (link, link)
    • Version 5 Transaction hybrid C++/Rust parser (link)
  • [ZIP 244]
    • Transaction digest components (link)
  • [ZIP 316]
    • Unified Address parsing and serialization (link, link)


  • Refactored the synchronizer on iOS
  • New Balance Details screen on Android
  • Unstoppable iOS PRs with numerous SDK updates
  • Sign up here if you want to join the beta test list for upcoming ECC wallet features.

In the news, Inflation is on the rise in the US -up 5% in the past 12 months, the biggest spike since 2008. The Fed is hoping this is temporary and will keep interest rates near zero for the time being. That’s not the only thing keeping the Fed busy, they are also taking important steps in exploring a digital US dollar. UNICEF announced investments to 7 crypto-startups advancing financial inclusion around the world, over half are female-led companies. That’s all for now folks.

Enjoy the weekend!


Hello Janie :wave: