Kek’s proposal: fund ECC for 2 more years

continue payouts at current % to ECC (not investors) for 2 extra years with option to vote on extending or ending contract after 2 years

continued funding during these extra 2 years this is a way to kick the can down the road to allow the community to make more informed decisions that don’t feel rushed. 2 year window will give ECC the opportunity to continue working on zcash during a critical point in ZEC’s life (i think ECC can do amazing things for zcash in 2 a year timeframe), and gives time for ECC to work out legal issues they could face from different funding proposals. this also gives the community time to iron out a new longterm contract, or end funding for ECC (if unsatisfied) after 2 year contract expires.

voting on future contracts: this is another thing that needs to be ironed out during the time we buy with the 2 year extension. i’m okay with the community advisory panel acting as 3rd entity, but these are things that need to be discussed further.


current ECC % or the current 20% FR? Either of both, even unclear which you have in mind would leave the foundation without any funding.

Why exactly 2 years, serious question by the way, why not 12, 18, or 30 months? This question is based on that we have over 1 year to go there, which means it gives the ECC over 3 years to get the things done you mention from from today .

20% - all goes to ECC’s devfund (not founders/investors). ECC can continue funding ZF if they feel it’s a good business decision (i think it is).

that gives plenty of time for ECC/ZF/community to figure out how to move forward in a well thought out manner + 3 more years of zcash development. 2nd halving is going to be a doozy, it’s important for ECC to make sure the community’s happy, so community offers another contract solidifying ECC’s participation in the 2nd halving event.

Was there an estimated time for layer 1 scaling? Not sure there was one as its still being researched but its the most important thing on my wish-list.


another reason why i’d like to see 20% @ 2 years: it’s a mix/compromise between other proposals i like that look to fund 10% @ 4 years, 20% @ 4 years.

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Should I put it on the lists?

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honestly believe a lot of the current proposals are overlooking legal ramifications of changing the funding model. it might be smart to keep short term future funding model as close to current model as possible (until SEC other agencies offer more legal clarity). imo, this will happen within the next couple years.

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yes please!
20 chara

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Do you want to call it something other than “Kek’s funding proposal,” like ideally a descriptive oneliner?

“fund ECC for 2 more years”?

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Okay that works. I’ll update the thread title — let me know if you don’t like something about it.

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good luck in making it zip ready :slight_smile:

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@mistfpga has a detailed guide to writing a ZIP in the works :slight_smile:

Just fixing a few typos and changing the wording to be consistent. will have it up very soon.

(in the mean time if you look at the headers of one of my zips it links to the 2 generation old version which has changed but will give you a good start, it hasn’t changed that significantly.)

Let me know if you would like some help.


imo, until some of these unknowns are more clear; exactly why we should keep the funding model as close to current model as possible.


Cool, will highlight that. Sorry had some firefighting to do at work today. will upload the probably already outdated template in 10 mins or so.

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this is exactly why we should kick the can down the road. we don’t need to be doing this to ourselves. ZEC is already filled with self inflicted wounds. 3 years time we’ll have a well thought out plan. markets will like some clarity.

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might have an idea to lower ECC % payouts but possibly increasing price for ZEC by lowering inflation… problem is these ideas take time to iron out, and not sure about legal issues.

kick the can down the road - imo, should forget about the exotic proposals for now. give the market some clarity.

kick the can down the road

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Got one small problem, it is a nice an simple proposal so, and to be fair it has its merits (in my humble opinion) can you clarify what happens at the halving, does the fund continue at 10% of total issuance or do you mean it drops to 5% of total issuance?

Is that 20% of the current reward, so 40% of the next. I don’t think it is, but does this allow enough distance to kick the can? I assume you mean 5% of total issuance - the ecc stated this might not be enough. but I think it should be for a two year delay.

please confirm,