Radical “to the moon” thread

incorrect! 2017 i was really honed in on ZEC markets. all my numbers hit from market cap to exchange rate, also predicted 2018 bear market long before anybody else.

september will be recovery - october we’ll leg-up. depending on how much/fast we leg-up could see weakness in dec. starting to think this might be one of those years people take profits before christmas (still working on this thesis). 2020 bullmode will be engaged. 2021 will be bearish.

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Why do you see 0.0045 as some critical support as I see no price action around that area?

To be honest here you are very off topic in this thread and should move your predictions to the price prediction thread.

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Done :slight_smile: You can now happyly discuss only the “moon” predictions :slight_smile:

This thread isnt meant for moon predictions, it is meant for good news or am I mistaking?

there’s no more critical supports. last ones were @~0.0072 as technical and 0.005 as psychological. maybe usd atl is left. now its in a discovery of price and future of this project mode. i’ll leave some coin on my cold wallet just to be in game, but will postpone even small accumulations indefinitely. uncertainity reached no go level for me.


Not sure, that’s the title and description:

Radical “to the moon” thread
starting this new thread since “price speculation” thread is too cluttered! WEN MEWN???
more insanely bullish your prediction is - more we like you!

But as you and mostly kek to see my predictions as offtopic (no matter they seem to be perfect so far) i have no problem to post them in the price speculation topic as that one fits perfectly as well.

As said, if the intention is to to have only moon predictions you are absolutly right, it’s offtopic than because mine are based on reality.

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Then I was mistaking. This reads like this thread is meant to separate silly “to the mewn” comments from the serious discussions in the price prediction thread.

I always thought this was the place to get bullish news as “to the moon” is a slang term used by crypto ppl to answer to every positive bit of news.

Don’t worry, pretty sure it was keks intention to have only bullish and good news here.

Bearish predictions in to the moon thread dont seem offtopic to you?

Up to how picky and objective someone is. If someone wants indeed only dream to the moon predictions it’s offtopic, if you honor reality based predictions that might go into the other direction it’s not.

The same would go for other topics by the way. If there is for example a topic 20% dev fund and someone posts that 20% is too much but should be 10% you could always say it’s offtopic as the topic is about 20%, lol.

No matter, as you can see i agreed to your argumentation and will leave the moon guys here with their own moon predictions, double golden and tripple diamond crosses, lol. (just kidding a bit, don’t take offense!)

This has nothing to do with reality and nothing to do with how picky somebody is.
This has to do with semantics. We cant change the meaning of words to suit our narrative can we? And if the creator of the thread told you that your posts are off-topic I think he knew what he wanted here better than the both of us.

Why do you get offended when someone tells you to post predictions in the price prediction thread which is more suitable for price analysis?

Or you can start your own “To the Doom thread” [Moderation edit by @daira: comment that used ableist language removed.]


Sorry mate, i’am everything else but offended and as said allready i took the argumentation, agreed to it, deleted the post, posted it in the price specualtion thread and even made some kidding than. That’s everthing else but not offended. It’s perfectly ok man, sorry if it sounded salty or being offended, i can assure you i’am not, no way :slight_smile:


Exactly. This thread was created by kek after some arguing with me in “price speculations”. Kek posted bullish predictions while zec was in long bearish trend without any perspectives. And while he was doing that, he with johnwisdom attacked in chat those who were bearish. Because of that aggression I suggested kek to create his own Radical to the moon thread. But kek himself is half of active comminity here )) Another half is Boxalex :smiley: So with him moving, “price speculation” lost any meaning - no more bulls. So with time many others just moved here 'cause this thread is not that dead comparing to others.

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By the way… all that time while posting rubbish about bright zec future, johnwisdom had been continuously selling his zec that he mined with asics ))) and now he is very bearish himself :slight_smile:

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Just too add something that if someone changes his mind isn’t a bad thing. Chaning a mind in general and in my opinion is properly evaluating new facts/arguments and making a new decision including new/better/overthought facts and arguments. It’s natural that inteligent people change their minds if they realize a flaw in the previous mind-making-process or new facts/arguments come into play.

While i’am still bearish for the next years there still could be something that makes my mind change the next day, even i doubt this will happen there is always such a possibilty :slight_smile:


this is supposed to be a positive thread. bullish predictions are awesome. this might be the only zcash bull thread on the entire internet. technically, i’m okay with bearish predictions when people actually post a chart with their reasoning. we currently don’t have any legit bear traders posting anything, tho.

you’ve never been flagged in this thread for off topic posts.

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already tried that with the “blackpill thread”. didn’t work, they still come to the wen mewn thread. i think boxalex should start his own thread, and name it “boxalex’s personal blog”

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