Zcash Protocol Hangout, Dev Fund Edition


That is really cool.

It would have been nice if you could have just dropped a short note to the forum explaining that though. Especially seeing as you were responding to me complaining about the lack of information and communication from the ECC.

I have asked this question several times, I even link to it in my above post. (the 10 day old one)

Yes, I am looking for an answer to the question regarding the proposals. “Were the GitHub versions used to judge or was it the forum versions?” - to me it seems the forum versions were used.

It may or may not make a difference to how the ECC perceives things, but it certainly makes a difference to any modifications I make to the proposals.

This is my original response to Hels, (21 days ago according to the forum software)

This also goes towards a number of other proposals I wrote, not just for myself but for other people.

In addition, the forum versions of these are different to the .rst files I submitted as pull requests. All of the links on the blog go to this forum. It is not a huge deal but, it caused real problems in the voice chat too, because I was looking at different versions to everyone else. (they were looking at the forum versions, I was using local copies and my .rst’s - that’s what I double check, when I say “let me just check” in the livestream.

So were these judged on the pull requests or on the forum posts? (you cannot edit a forum post after 2 months)

For a nicely formatted version of the pull requests, I have linked my merge requests, from my GitHub.

Should be (and is different to the actual pull request)


Should be (and is different to the actual pull request)

I am given credit for kek’s proposal, this is mentioned in the forum thread but not the .rst

notice is has the same header as

So why am I an advocate for one and not the other? @kek should have been on both. (I don’t mind I will advocate for them both. it is just confusing)

Thanks for your time.