Kicking off the community to the next level with Hayden Otto?

This dude here seems to be looking for a job.

His creations :

I think Zcash community would benefit greatly to collaborate with him. He ticks all the boxes :

  • memes
  • adoption / onboarding
  • quality production
  • conference organization
  • enthusiast about P2P cash

I know the community engagement is somewhat lacking in Zcash, so maybe the foundation should look into this kind of characters to work with.


Hayden is indeed an inspired producer! Surely, an asset to have in Zcash community. If he’s reading this, he’s welcome with open arms. :slight_smile:


Replying here because I refuse to spend zec to reply on the ZECpages post used to lead to this link:

Please please please no. Not with his current branding. Wealthy white guy flanked with long legged girls in skimpy outfits flying in helicopters might seem like a grand idea for a bull run, a la 2017 ICO boat parties, but in the long run it will turn off the majority of the market you seek to gain, empower & uplift. He might be very effective short term, but his methodology is tacky & those types of perceptions last long after a bull run in the subconscious of the market as a whole.


lol, so much cringe

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