Kraken deposit issues

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Kraken has disabled ZEC transfers as well. I also confirmed that I cannot transfer ZEC from my Ledger device. I am confident in the team but there is an issue going on.

Kraken work perfectly.


Kraken is working like normal here as well. Where did you see they disabled?


Works fine here as well. If you're having an issue you may want to contact Kraken. Can't speak for your Ledger but I'm pretty confident in the fact that the Zcash was honest in their statement that there is no issue.


In United States. I asked a friend to get me his zec address at kraken so I can send him ZEC,

I understand they were honest. There wasnt any doubt about it. But now that I have seen 3 services having ZEC transfer issues, it leads me to believe there is an issue. I am not assigning any blame, merely stating there is an issue going on of some sort.

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That makes sense. For all I know it could be like last time where some services had an issue because they hadn't updated their zcash clients. I think you misunderstand my point. I am reporting an issue that is common among 3 services. Two that I use and one from a friend using a completely separate exchange that I do not use. My discussion is targeted at seeing if anyone has experienced similar issues and what the root cause may be, not trying to assign blame to one party or the other. It is already established that we agree it is not an issue zcash sees on their end. I am interested in what is causing the issue that I definitely witnessed.

Works for me:

I guess it's not widespread. In any case, I am waiting on Poloniex and also have a ticket out to ledger. I don't use Kraken but my colleague reported that his zcash feature was disabled. Maybe they are doing maintenance, who knows. Guess all I can do is wait to hear back from Ledger as well as see what Poloniex says.

Update: I was able to send now from Ledger, after trying all day. The issue was intermittent. Verifying transactions suddenly became much faster.


using ofline wallet and have no problems with kraken


I've made a ZEC deposit about 4 hours ago. And it worked as it should. So I think it was only for a few hours or so.