Ploniex zcash disabled - support not responding for 24 hours

Hey guys

i made a deposit about 30 minutes prior to the time they disabled the zcash deposits.

i opened a ticket, but its been 24 hours since, and no response.

will i get a refund? or is this going to go through eventually ?

and since support has failed me, i`m wondering - is there a better site to sell zcash for USD ?

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IDK about USD but you can use changelly to convert from ZEC->BTC

Kraken also does ZEC to USD. It’s just taking eons to get verified there right now.

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Also have a problem with moving my zec from my wallet to poloniex. Has been pending for over 24 hours.

Just keep mining to your local wallet guys, and wait till all this get fixed, i don´t think it will take much time, also is weekend time so who knows maybe will be fixed on monday.

its bullshit that a company that runs million dollar and more of people’s money doesn’t have proper support for these cases. at the very least they should email and explain what is going on with our money, what state it is, and when will we get it

Poloniex block ZCash Deposits/Withdrawals:

ZEC is currently under maintenance or experiencing wallet/network issues. Deposits and withdrawals will remain disabled until a solution is found, which may require an update from the ZEC team. Any updates must be tested and audited before enabling.

I switched the mining to a Bitfinex wallet. On it, 2 deposits were successfully enrolled. The third deposit remained unconfirmed, although the transaction already has more than 100 confirmations. The fourth deposit does not appear in the list at all.

this is a huge problem! good chance i use kraken, and’ve never had a problem… but they’re taking a while to onboard people… this is forcing people to use crappy polo… USD-ZEC is a huge bottleneck/problem that needs to be solved… this is prolly zcash’s top problem, imo…very bad

was reading somewhere (think rocket chat) 60% of ZEC trading is CNY-ZEC …this is very unhealthy. USD-ZEC is basically an untapped market. not sure how long CNY (almost alone) will support inflation-rate. kraken is great, but not much USD liquidity, and think their slow onboarding process is definitly holding-us-back.

i opened a Kraken account today, and verified Tier 2, i put 1 ZEC and sold it for USD,

but on the withdraw i cannot see USD option, how can i withdraw ? or do i must buy Bitcoin ?

You need Tier 3 to withdraw USD if I remember correctly. That takes a minimum of a month to get verified right now.

Are you sure? because it says that its only for domestic, and i`m not a US resident

It’s for any user regardless of location. If you’re not planning to move more than $2000/daily around than Tier 2 should be fine. I forgot that Tier 3 was a significant boost in the amount of fiat that could be moved around.

So i got Tier 2, and 2000$ is fine for me.

but i don’t see any USD options on withdraw … how do i get it to my bank ? (SWIFT)

Click on “Funding” beside “Trade” then “Withdraw” beside “Deposit” then “US Dollar” on the left hand list.

Yup, polo has MAJOR support issues.

I had a problem with an ETH deposit (it was my fault in the end, but still) and didn’t get a response to the ticket in over 4 days. Eventually I figured out what happened and just closed the tickets without getting a response.

Also took me a couple weeks to get Tier 3 verified at Kraken (just happened on Friday), so things are pretty slow there.

I have about 0.4 BTC in Poloniex I’m trading with because they have a lot more coin pairs than kraken but always hearing complaints about them

what pool are u using bro

I don’t have USD, these are what i have:

Euro (EUR)
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Yen (JPY)
Bitcoin (XBT)
Tether USD (USDT)

the rest are virtual coins.

did you mean USDT ?

When an unblock deposit to poloniex?

Nope. I meant USD. If you don’t see it you either need to verify Tier 3 or contact their support.