OKEx is delaying the delisting of Zcash in S. Korea

OKEx is re-evaluating its decision to delist Zcash. We’ve been working with a number of exchanges and getting some local support. This isn’t a reversal of the decision, but its a positive step forward. https://support.okex.co.kr/hc/ko/articles/360034332492


thats good, I was hoping on using ZEC for my bucket list vacation to Samsung Headquarters.

See also the coverage on CoinDesk.

Kudos, @joshs and @Dodger, for the excellent work on this — both the proactive foresight and the effective conversation. It clearly takes a lot of work to counter regulatory misconceptions, as well as organization’s tendency towards draconian “de-risking” as a path of least resistance.

BTW, I see that ECC is looking to hire a “Head of Asia”, “with a primary focus in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and S. Korea”!


See this super informative Twitter thread about the South Korea cryptoregulatory situation and undelisting of ZEC by @joshs.