Largest bitcoin mixer - shutting down services - advises users to not use BTC "for buying weed"

I had a good laugh reading that thread. "Despite the huge profit we earn, we are closing our activity." and then denies any pressure from anyone. :thinking:


Yes, made me lol too. The going at him hard for being a moralist.
He tries to make BTC more legally acceptable, but in the past he has been stimulating illicit activity using bitcoin by providing a mixing service. Hypocricy.

dunno ..kinda think that statement might be a way to alert people mixing really won't help if the wrong people are interested in you.

EDIT: one thing i find interesting: alphabay was renowned for utilizing mixers. so-much-so that people would complain about them bogging things down.... they were still traced via bitcoin.

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On the other side of that coin, it's really super convenient that they're shutting down just before there's a possibility of BTC taking a big dump. Whether it's to be believed or not, some people have already made up their minds. This could very well be a "Well I made my money! I'm out."

The morality excuse being used is definitely a load of horse manure.

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