Oh nose! welp, guess it was fun while it lasted.. in other news - zcash will outlast the EU!



Hi what does mean for you?
I read the doc but it means that zcash will be banned?

guess it's possible to b&, but it's not really enforceable. honest opinion's this is bluster. EU has much larger problems on it's horizon.

worst case scenario, if EU successfully b& ZEC.. suppose an entity could use selective disclosure as a work around.
~ when you think about it - if the currency is truly anonymous - they wouldn't know about it anyway ~ ; D


They are really " satanist "they work for a world wide universal currency that s the main purpose for 2018 and the real reason..
Few people know that point...
So nothing must break the " plan"...

I heard today coinbase want to do a webcam verification and more for crypto identification what the hell...
EU also to regulates crypto...
I cannot understand with all massives bad news on the futur zcash must be at 1 bitcoin price now minimum or between 100 and 500 dollars..
Or maybe it s coming....

the "one world currency" they're attempting to force on people is SDR. inflationary SDR loses against BTC (according to exchange rate). make matters worse; there's a way to attack SDR via BTC, and IMF has no way of stopping said attack (if your interested i'll dig-up a piece on the specific attack) ZEC is a more powerful tool than BTC, so our job's to let people know about ZEC - the free market will take care of the rest for us!

"Objection, overruled"...

The United Nations has underlined the importance of encryption and anonymity in the digital age. Penned by a UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, the document underlines the importance of private communications and calls on member states to protect their use under law.

“The Special Rapporteur, recognizing that the value of encryption and anonymity tools depends on their widespread adoption, encourages States, civil society organizations and corporations to engage in a campaign to bring encryption by design and default to users around the world and, where necessary, to ensure that users at risk be provided the tools to exercise their right to freedom of opinion and expression securely,”

In other news, ...

"EU accounts signed off, but errors persist in all main spending areas, say EU Auditors."

"EU ‘violates international law’ by failing to tackle corruption, says justice minister"

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