Promoting to Zcash to adult industry markets through independent buy/sell communities?

ZookoZcash on Reddit suggested I post here. For users with more…private interests, perhaps this would be a good area to start promoting Zcash, as Bitcoin has already been a huge interest to people trading/exchanging adult/fetish/porn/etc. items that credit card companies have been hostile to.

I have made listings advertising discounts to buyers for using Zcash, but buyers could also offer to pay other sellers extra if they would accept Zcash. This could put it on the map in markets that are significant but aren’t talked a lot about.

There are several adult markets on Reddit which largely trade in Bitcoin (some are temporarily being relaunched soon):

  • /r/SexSells
  • /r/RedditAmateurVids
  • /r/SugarBaby
  • /r/GFEsells
  • /r/KikSnapSales
  • /r/SugarDaddy
  • /r/PantySelling
  • /r/UsedPanties
  • /r/FetishItems
  • /r/FetishSelling

There are also chatrooms on Kik and Discord and elsewhere that I hope can be moved over to Riot which is very expertly distributed/federated, and supports e2e encryption and basic (but will be improved) video conferencing.

Used for several days at least!

To re-frame this topic a bit, there’s a lot of financial censorship and surveillance in the adult industry, unfairly targeting entertainers through programs like the DOJ’s Operation Chokepoint. The Morality Police in Your Checking Account: Chase Bank Shuts Down Accounts of Adult Entertainers | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Just like Wikileaks and other activist groups who experience financial censorship, there are many groups facing various levels of targeting where the powers at be deem them immoral even though no one is being harmed.


true story! political activists are being targeted, and censored! been utilizing BTC to avoid financial censorship over wrong-think. eventually (possibly soon) BTC’s open ledger could hurt said hacktivists/activists. FREE KEKISTAN !!!