Lawzec for major grants review committee

law is politics. money is order.

i am a former US based public interest attorney, with the position being obviated by the people’s legalization of cannabis in the state of where i have a law license. prior to lawyering, i had a student’s participation in free market think tanks. during the time of my internment to the law, i became interested in financial cryptography and alternative governance. in my daily work, i have had a nagging continued thought about separating money from criminal procedure.

law enforcement is active entrenchment and compelled support for the ruling monetary order. should you be charged with a crime, wrongly or rightly, you will pay your lawyer in your sovereign’s currency. you will pay your fine in sovereign’s currency. in my work, the charges that my clients saw were political (a matter of a few votes at the ballot box) and he charges were used to extract currency under civil forfeiture laws. even if we then sued the police for civil rights violations, my client only stood to be recompensed in USD. the judges, the bailiffs, the court reporters, and the police will continue to be paid in the currency supporting their policy positions. nothing i said, wrote, or did as a lawyer even upon successful appellate decisions impacted the quality of life for my clients and people like them.

as i wrote objections, briefs, and appeals, i realized that the order of sovereign control of the monetary system even reduced my occupation, despite working against the status quo, to never being able to upset any apple cart of the criminal justice system. the freedom gained was piecemeal and only one starfish would be returned to the ocean costing my hundreds of hours of my life. accordingly, after the 2017-18 bubble, i exited law.

i’m writing this community as a long time lurker and a passive investor seeking to considered for the MGRC, or in the alternative to plant the seed in the minds of those prevailing to the MGRC to focus on trying to intersect law, politics, and money. I would spend my time seeking or creating an organizations that would promote the use of zcash in the legal industry, particularly criminal defense. no wrongfully charged individual should have to pay to support a system that wrongly punishes him. such individual should have the chance to at very support his own community when facing the law enforcement machine. i believe such a strategy is for the common good, is uniquely marketable from the zcash community.

thank you for your consideration.


Welcome to the forums @lawzec! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have added a link to your post in the top of the Megathread, Good Luck!